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ü Hat steam ironing machine with a built-in steam generator gives the necessary form to knitted or jersey items produced  in wool, synthetic or felt,

ü Machine is supplied with the internal steam generator, extractor fan and an electric pump.

ü Different size of nozzles for different requirements are available,

ü Supplied with wheels for ease of movement,

ü Work on this machine is carried out with a set of two pedals; one releasing steam  and the other extracting to dry to get the optimum result,

ü Time of steam or cooling can be set,

ü Pressure   3,5 - 4 Bars

ü Air pressure   3,5 - 4 Bars

ü Power 0,5 Kw

ü Power Supply:  380 V

ü Standard Nozzle Height 33 cm / Circumference 45 cm

ü Weight : 90 Kg

ü Machine Dimensions 70 x 125 cm, Height 110 Cm

ü Water Capacity : 80 Litres,

ü Production Per Day 1.200 Units / 10hrs